Wednesday, January 4, 2012


ZWR enthusiast Jamie sent me the following in an email yesterday. As it turns out, his mom (who just took the lead for ZWR's 2012 Woman of the Year award) runs a school for orphans in UGANDA. Yes, the one in Africa. I'll let Jamie take it from here. Enjoy:
During my trip to Uganda (central Africa) I took the opportunity to spread my passion for baseball.  I told them stories of the greatest player alive - Harry Leroy Halladay III, aka Doc.  I gave out some of your classic tee shirts. I got as many as I could geared up in Phils stuff and faces were breaking left and right.  The country is absolutely beautiful and the people are so friendly.  
The people over there are so thankful for everything and so happy despite having nothing. Giving them a tee shirt is like handing someone here the keys to a car. I played catch with tons of kids over there and they loved it.  All they know is soccer (football) but they are quick learners and loved throwing the baseball.
Thanks for all you do and keep up the great work.
No, thank you, Jamie!

This is the best ZWR in the Wild ever. But before we get to the pictures, it's worth noting J-Roll donated an entire suitcase of equipment and gear for Jamie to give to the kids, and that he plans to travel there himself soon.


I checked Google Translate, and as it turns out, "CLIFF LEE" in Swahili comes out: "CLIFF LEE"

Jamie and the kids. The kid on the left is actually an Eagles linebacker


Meet Nelson, ZWR's new favorite person in the world (tied with Awesome Emma)

Thanks Jamie, for the most amazing and selfless ZWR in the Wild to date. And tell your family to keep up the great work.


  1. The kid on the left in pic 2 is most definitely Brian Rolle.

  2. When asked about how awesome this is Cliff Lee gave a thoughtful, from the heart answer. Todd Zolecki's tape recorder exploded from shock.

  3. I love the kid working the backwards Howard shirt. Awesome.

  4. Backwards Howard shirt kid is killing it in that pic. Great stuff!

  5. "The kid on the left is actually an Eagles linebacker"

    What an awful thing to say about someone

  6. let them enjoy life,it is their time,we need them to grow in total Happiness


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