Monday, February 27, 2012

Spring Training Hype-Ometer, Week 2

Spring Training is in full-friggin’-swing now, and holy crap, you guys. I can’t wait for this season to start! So much awesomeness happened over the last week. Remember that time that Roy Halladay wrestled a snake? Yeah, well he talked about it! And I don’t even care that he said that he didn’t wrestle a snake because it’s a way better story that way. AND he said “the snake bit him on the backside.” Holy crap, you guys: “The snake bit him on the backside”. ROY HALLADAY ACTUALLY SAID THOSE WORDS!

Then there was that time that Dom Brown said “I’m coming to win a job.” Nearby, Ruben Amaro snickered and then Dom said “Awwww man.” Well, okay, I don’t know if that actually happened and The Koala didn’t actually mention it in his post but holy crap, you guys. How funny would that have been?

Speaking of conversations I didn’t actually hear but I bet were totally hilarious, Jimmy Rollins and Cholly got together to talk about hitting on Friday. Holy crap, you guys. I bet Jimmy was just sitting there all confused as Cholly told a story that didn’t have anything to do with anything.

Holy crap, you guys. On Sunday, some dude named Roy Halladay threw some BP. No word yet on how many faces were broke (Editor's Note: A billionty), but I assume that at least one non-roster invitee got all kinds of cuttered.

Speaking of faces, Scott Podsednik didn’t even give a fudge that it was spring training when he made this diving grab. WEB GEM! Holy crap, Podfather. It’s just spring training. Save some for Allentown, okay?

Oh, and one last thing. I’ve been kinda busy at work lately and lost track of what date it was. Then on Friday my girl tells me that we leave for Clearwooder in EIGHT DAYS. Holy crap, you guys. I can’t wait.

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