Friday, February 3, 2012

ZWR Super Bowl Preview - by Awesome Emma!

by Awesome Emma

Hi! It’s your friend Awesome Emma here reporting on the Super Bowl, where the Giants are playing the Patriots and the winner gets a big trophy. Thank you to Zoo with Roy and Crane Kicker for asking me to be your Super Bowl correspondent, I’m super excited and I appreciate it. : )

zOMG facemask juice box yes please

To start, OTHER reporters are calling it Super Bowl XLVI. I don’t know what XLVI is, so I’m going to say Exelvee™ instead. It makes more sense. Also, I think the Claus Meter for this year’s Super Bowl is low. I hope I can change that by bringing some excitement to the game.

My first prediction for Super Bowl Exelvee™ is that the halftime show will be interesting. My mom says someone named Madonna is singing and I don’t know who that is. I thought she was the lady that sings, “All I want for Christmaaas is yooouuUU.” My mom said Madonna doesn’t sing that song and she showed me a picture of her. I think it must take a lot of COURAGE for an older person like that to sing in public and I hope she is APPROPRIATE for the children watching because that would not be a GOOD example. I would have preferred a concert from someone really TALENTED and POPULAR like Taylor Swift. I saw her in concert and she was entertaining and she moved around a lot. Here is a list of songs I think Madonna will sing:

1) Are You Ready for Some Football?
2) Fearless
3) Baby It’s Cold Outside
4) High Hopes, of course!


My second prediction for Super Bowl Exelvee™ is that there will be a lot of really good commercials. My favorite commercial from last year was the Volkswagen kid with the DARTH VADER COSTUME. Awesome!! I think the Darth Vader kid would be a COOL friend. I hope he uses the force again in another commercial or maybe to help the Phillies win the World Series.

My third prediction for Super Bowl Exelvee™ is that there will be lots of Super Bowl PARTIES with tons of CAKE and food and hot dogs. I think that the Phillies players will be watching the Super Bowl and cheering for the Patriots, because the Giants come from the same city as the M_ts. However, I do NOT think Roy Halladay will take a break to watch the Super Bowl. He doesn’t have the time. He’s too busy PRACTICING his pitches and saving people from dangerous snake attacks. I was so PROUD of him when I heard about that. (Editor's Note: I mean, Awesome Emma just totally gets it.)

My final prediction for Super Bowl Exelvee™ is that the players will dance in the end zone when they score touchdowns, make field goals and you will see lots of HIGH-FIVES going on. I also predict the referees will throw those yellow flags on the field to REMIND the players NOT to do things that they’re not supposed to do. I hope all of the players will try their BEST and be proud even if they don’t win. I predict the New England Patriots will get this year’s ginormous trophy by beating the New York Giants, 26-12 and Tom Brady, who is NOT as handsome as Chase Utley, will win the Most Valuable Player trophy. Finally, like Buddy the Elf would say, I’d tell the winner, “You did it! Congratulations! Best Football team of the year. Great job everybody!”

Reporter Awesome Emma signing off. Thanks again, ZWR and Craney! I hope everyone has fun watching the game! Go Phillies!

Best Ever


  1. Wow! Great job, Emma!!!

  2. Emma is pretty much the coolest person I don't know but feel like I know thanks to ZWR.

  3. Concur. Emma *definitely* is the coolest.

  4. What are Peabody awards for? Isn't that like a journalism thing? I think Emma should win them all, forever.

  5. This was so ... awesome!


  7. Excellent job, Emma! You have a permanent spot on the nice list.

  8. I love to see this picture of Emma!! That how so she is cute. I love to see football and my favorite is NewEngland Pariots! Do Emma watch tv about football? I love and miss of her oxoxox and you too!!! ;-) :-) please tell Emma that I say "Hi!" Okay?

  9. Great job Emma! I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to use your saying exelvee tonight when I'm with my friends. Go Pats and Go Blue Jays ;)


  10. Emma, you need a job at Bleacher Report!

  11. You are awesome Emma!!!:) I'm so with you about Tom Brady not being as handsome as Chase Utley!:)


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