Friday, March 23, 2012


Our favorite Great American Beer Festival medal winning craft brew virtuoso (and all-around BFF of the bolg) Vince has some exciting news for us. I don't want to give it away, so here's a small hint: So Cuttered Hoppy Wheat is back!!! #ZWRBEER!!! Holy butt!!!

His explanation on SCHW 2.0 (he actually sends me emails from inside a fermenter):

I fiddled with So Cuttered Hoppy Wheat this year. I felt like last year’s batch had a little too much bitterness and a little too much alcohol in it (Editor's Note: Vince is a wimp). “But Vince, I love my alcohol!” Just hear me out. 

I envision it being a very approachable beer that you can drink a couple growlers of while tailgating AND not have double vision when you get into the game. For this year’s So Cuttered Hoppy Wheat we made an unfiltered German wheat beer, dark golden in color, light in body, and fermented it with the same yeast that German brewers use to make Hefeweizens. The weizen yeast produces clove and banana flavors. We also added Amarillo hops which will give the beer some citrus and sweet orange flavor.

Just like last year, this is a ZWR and Iron Hill joint. Besides drinking beer, one of the best things I get to do as a brewer is collaborate with a bunch of talented people who aren’t even in the brewing industry. Sometimes that means you make a beer inspired by a bolg that was inspired by a man’s dream of holding hands (Editor's Note: I didn't say anything about holding hands!) and walking through the zoo with a pitcher who was inspired by a cutter. This is one of those times. It’s a pleasure to have met and had a beer with a ton of ZWR fans, and I can’t wait to do it again this year.

The official release date of the beer is Opening Day- April 5, 2012. SPAEK!

I've got some more for you donkeys, because Vince rules and loves me. If you head over to Iron Hill on April 4 (Facebreak Eve) and use the super secret password "Fargle Bargle", you can get SCHW 2.0 in advance of the official release! Pro tip- you can also buy a growler or nine to bring home for the opener. No for serious, it's not going to be on the tap list yet and only we get to drink it.

omg yes please thumbs up bro!

Q "Hey ZWR, can I get this at other Iron Hills I have no idea where North Wales is?!?!??!?!?!"
A  Dude stop asking me that no it's only at North Wales.

Q  "What category did Vince win a medal in at the GABF?"
A  Best inversion-hopped, cask-chilled, oak-aged, peat moss filtered Russian Imperial Stout.

That seems reasonably sized

Q  "Do birds have noses? I think I saw one smelling my trash can this morning."
A  Probably ... built into their beaks?

Q  "I really have to say 'Fargle Bargle' to the bartender to get some of this on April 4?"
A  Yup!

Q  "Should I avoid going to the doctor if I'm feeling sick the week or two leading up to the release in case he/she were to prescribe me medicine that would forbid drinking?"
A  Absolutely. This beer is better for you than penicillin.

Q  "How long will SCHW 2.0 last?"
A  No telling. ZWR Doctoberfest kegs were tapped in a single weekend, making it the hardest beer to get since Pliny the Funner.

Q  "I'm relatively new to the bolg. Can you tell me the story behind So Cuttered Hoppy Wheat?"
A  First, welcome. Second, yes.

Q  "Do the ladies love it?"
A  Duh.

Not at all absurd

This is the best ever. Thanks to Vince, and thanks to all of you for making it possible. Now let's go drink.


  1. As a former zoo educator, I will tell you this regarding birds and noses:birds don't really have a sense of smell, they use the air holes on their beak for breathing, but they don't smell the air the way that you and I do.

    I'm not missing the beer this year. I'm bringing all my lady friends to North WHALES

  2. Philly Fan in S. FL in search of one bottle of SCHW. Come on, Vince. Hook a brother up!

  3. Rob- if that's legal, I'm sure we can help you out.

    LEGAL DISCLAIMER: I have no idea if you're allowed to do that. If so, somebody mail me a bottle of Pliny the Elder plz.

    1. There are major beer trading rings that go on. It's OK. Use UPS or FedEx and not USPS (that's illegal). I'm pretty sure Russian River distributes to Philly, amazingly. Let me ask and see how you can easily get some Pliny.

  4. Shouldn't that be a Fermenterer?

  5. If anyone is planning to head out here to Pittsburgh for Opening Day and would be able to bring a few Fargles of this brew out for some morning tailgating glory, I would be eternally grateful and you would be eternally awesome.

  6. Damn, I liked the Hoppyness/bitterness of last year's batch. But Vince has never let me down before. I can't wait to say Fargle Bargle to someone and get something, other then strange looks, in return.

    I hope the kitchen is doing those hotdog specials again this spring.

  7. Porch beers, please!


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