Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ryan Howard and Chase Utley Use Their Stools to Compete in Winter Sports

I'm pretty great and everything, but my boy Matt (go to Twitter and follow him right now) is a bona fide Photojob expert. That's why I reached out to him with the formal freelance bolg graphics assignment of "Dude put Chase Utley and Ryan Howard on their stools into Winter Olympics events!"

Yeah ... you're welcome. Thanks, Matt! Wait what.

Mirror ice ftw

Eat ice chips, Antonio Apollo Creed Ohnoez

Four man stool-sled wFc

If you'd like to jump into the free content fray and have your own submissions featured on the world's foremost bolg about wanting to go to the zoo with 2012 Cy Young Award Winner and NL MVP Roy Halladay feel free to send them along via ZMail. I'd recommend putting a name thingy on there somewhere because that's just the prudent thing to do (plus I'm easily confused).

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  1. I like how above the second guy in the bobsled picture has what appears to be an exclamation point above his head. Like omgwtfryanhowardfiasco


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