Monday, March 5, 2012

So Roy Halladay Pitched Yesterday - 2012! (3.4.12 v the Yankees)

Yet another familiarity revisited that leaves us cheerful with the knowledge that baseball is back: our first SRHPY of 2012! It wasn't the most eventful outing ever for our heroes, but HLHIII looked (to these unbiased, purely analytic eyes) to be in midseason form yesterday in [wherever the donkey Yankees play] with three punch-outs in two innings.

The Yankees did plate a run when Alex Rodriguez lofted a lazy pop up to right that caught a favorable gust which deposited it just over the graciously short porch in right. I was okay with that, though, as Rodriguez just strikes me as the type of likable overachiever you can't help but root for.

"But ZWR, what was the line?!?!??!" Fair question: 2 IP, 2 H, 1 ER (noted above), 0 BB (duh), 3 K (1 Cuttered / 2 So Cuttered), infinite happies.

Credit: Yong Kim. Yong Kim is the only person in Florida with a camera.

And then when you needed more reason to love everything there's this:

7:43 AM. Alone. A day after starting. The best pitcher in baseball doing this. Think about that.
So that's about it, kids.

Oh actually no it's not I also have a rap song about Roy Halladay that some British guy (or at least I think he's British) sent me that I'm going to post later that is 100% certain to break your face off so be sure to put on your goalie mask or Saran Wrap your head.

No, I mean it.

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