Monday, March 19, 2012

Why Work Should Let You Wear Jeans on Monday

19 March, 2012

ZWR Consulting (HR/Organizational Leadership Division) industry study results indicate data that may be of use to policy makers and/or business unit leadership at client sites. Surveys and detailed follow-up sessions with non-senior management band employees suggest that Jeans Friday is wasted on the last- and best- day of the work week. Said one junior accounting staff member, "dude, I don't do anything on Fridays anyway except play on the internet... they already rule. Plus, that's when we get donuts and go to B-Dubs (Note: Buffalo Wild Wings; BWLD (NASDAQ)) for lunch." His supervisor, a woman in the role of Segment Lead, Project Cost Division/Small Projects added, "It's true. Total overkill."

Extending the analysis from this framework, it is ZWRC's recommendation that a drastically alternate approach be phased into the culture- Jeans Monday. The rationale is quite simple: employees report the lowest scores relative to morale, stamina, happiness, and hope in life on Mondays. They also produce staggeringly low output rates. Introducing a organization-approved perk would conceivable shine a new light on what's universally regarded as the darkest point in a common worker's week. Carry-over effects, additionally, are noted in the charts below.

Summary Risks: Tuesday becomes the new Monday, "over-casualization" of workplace (mitigated by firm management), partner buy-in/acceptance. While it may be oversimplification, these risks arguably could just as easily be termed "adaption apprehensions" ™ . Little to any tangible monetary impacts to the client organizations are expected, and pale in comparison to potential benefits.

Summary Benefits: Increased morale, culture boost, innovator status affirmed, productivity increases which will ultimately benefit the bottom line.

Conclusion/Recommendation: The organization should, on a probationary-to-approved basis (as defined in the PM Policy Standards/Intranet), formally introduce and implement a Jeans Monday program. 

Future MBAers - look for this in the Harvard Business Review by the time you get to your respectable, "full-time part-time" evening program. Pro-tip: Make sure your company pays for it.

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