Tuesday, March 13, 2012

ZWR Exclusive: Washington Natinals 2012 Marketing Plan

I'll give credit where it's due--the Natinals' "Forget You, Philly" / "Take Back the Park" campaign was adorable. While it didn't really work or anything (it's hard to fight an infinity of apathy), our little cousins in the District definitely showed themselves to be scrappers. I appreciate that. I mean, it's better than the self-pitying submission in Queens or garish aquarium building in Florida.

With all of that said (one might call it an introduction), ZWR sources were able to obtain from the Nats fan development offices (they love me down here, HA!) a detailed listing of other marketing campaigns/in-park promotions slated for 2012. Here, take a peek:
  • Suck a butt, Atlanta seat cushion giveaway
  • We’re almost just as good as you, St. Louis
  • No, seriously, you lost Pujols!
  • Ponzi much, the Mets?
  • Illegal immigrants run the basepaths night, May 2 v. Arizona
  • Look at us National League, or the puppy dies
  • Bring your dog and/or a stuffed animal to the ballpark night so the stadium doesn't look so empty
  • Daniel Snyder appreciation month (April)
  • "Go Green" with Elijah Dukes in-stadium recycling program
  • Massengill presents Bryce Harper Eye Black Day

  • Ah screw it, Let's Out-Empty the Marlins (#OETM)
  • Rally donkey
  • Rick Santorum bobblehead night
  • Get out and stay out, stupid Astros
  • Sorry your megalomaniac owner is still dead, the Yankees - June 17 v. NYY
  • Win a Date with Chien-Ming Wang prize raffle
  • Robert Griffin III throws out the first pitch and tears his rotator cuff night, with post-game fireworks
As you can see, a bit uninspired. They may never live up to their 2010 brilliance.


  1. You forgot April 15th (tentative) is the 5th annual Capitals' first round elimination celebration.

  2. Illegal Immigrants run the bases? Hmmmm..... better cue up Admiral Ackbar.

  3. What about we wish we were the Phillies night?

    1. Hi my beer, that's every other night


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