Wednesday, March 21, 2012

ZWR In The Wild (featuring AMAZING Wheels photo!)

I love looking at pictures of you donkeys in ZWR shirts- it makes me so happy. And since today's Monday, which is butt^squared, I can use all the happies I can get. Let's do this thing!

Sheri and her family enjoying Clearwooder action:

Jose the awesome architect didn't even tell me his wife's name in introducing this picture. What a bubblehead. I'm gonna guess and say it's Michelle (There's a lot of stuff in this post so I'm going to use one of those "after the jump things" now so it doesn't take up the whole screen. Trust me, it's going to be worth it.)

Looking good, Michelle

Mattmac makes amazing photoshops for Spike Eskin. He also takes hipster smartphone pics utilizing reflections. You can catch him at SouthPhilly by Southwest next week covering the Avett Brothers' covers of John Prine on a bucket.

Bro I don't even know what I was talking about up there so I'll admit that here in the caption

We only see Mike's chin but he tweeted this at like noon on St. Patrick's day and he's holding a bottle of whiskey and a beer so I'm totally posting it WAY TO GO MIKE!

100% chance this ends in puke. Also, is there some St. Patrick's Day / Mardi Gras mashup I'm unaware of?

The next picture ... oh brother, the next picture. It's amazing. They might as well have just served me a first-ball fastball middle-in. You have to be a special level of irking, unique dork to steal all of our attention from the sweet, young, pretty lady in the fashion-forward (and perfectly-fitting, might I add) Hi shirt modeled below by one of my favorite tweeters, Valerie. But as we know, Chris Wheeler is more than up to that challenge. Wheels apparently woke up on St. Paddy's day and decided to dress like a cross between Joe Paterno and your IT guy. Certainly not a loosey-goosey get-up.

Here we go again...

Love you kids - keep 'em coming.


  1. I wanted this picture to turn out so much differently. Love, Michelle (AKA Erin, Awesome Architect's newlywed wife). Thanks for the shout out!

  2. I think you look great, Michelle!

  3. Here we go right. ZWR pulling in another pompomflipflop.

  4. The pic is fine, Michellerin. It's only second to the titties in the green.


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