Friday, April 6, 2012

So Roy Halladay Pitched Yesterday (4.5.12 v the Pirates)

So how many times have you heard, "They're gonna have to win every game 1-0!" this morning? I guess if that's the case then you want Roy (MOTHERDUCKING) Halladay on your team. Our hero picked up right where he conceivably would have left off if he ever stopped working yesterday, blanking the Pirates over the course of eight flawless innings at Goodbye Yellowbridge Park.

Yong Kim,, all-around fine gentleman

"ZWR that's too many words and though I appreciate the Elton John reference you know that I need to know what was his line?!?!?!?!"

Good to have you back. Here: 8 IP, 2 H, 5 K (3C, 2 SC), 0 BB (duh), 2 HBP (though Barmes totally stuck his leg into one of those but I can't blame him there's 107% chance that donkey makes an out there), WIN.

"Also, ZWR, was his cutter so cuttered?!?!?!"

Let's have a grown man who goes professionally by the name "Buster" answer that one for us:

I think you know what the caption is, kids

Thanks, Buster.

Needless to say, the Pirates were impressed by Roy's performance. Unpaid ZWR intern David Murphy caught up with rising Buccos star Andrew McCutchen and filed the following report as part of his Rebel Cuttered bolg series:

Thanks, Spaghettihair

Oh and also Roy got a hit because he rules. I very much like the Halladay portion of the start of this season. I'll feel a little better if the bats come around, though.


  1. Remember when we all thought Roy was hurt?

    Yeah, me neither.

  2. They were talking about having Blanton pinch hit

  3. I never thought Roy was hurt.


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