Friday, April 6, 2012

Super Pumped Marlins Fan Guy - IDENTIFIED (now BFF)!!!

Of the many face-breaking things that happened yesterday (HLHIII, Phils win season opener, Chooch goes 3-3, Papelboning, my Juan Pierre video, Phillies High, taco night, etc.), one of the best had to be our bolg's little Super Pumped Marlins Fan Guy Meme. I mean, it was just ... perfect.

So you can imagine my excitement when some random donkey on Twitter was all, "Dude, Rick, I know that doof" and then he told me and then the doof really was the super pumped fan from the picture (and billion spin-offs) and a really nice guy to boot. AINOES, RITE? Here, check this impeccably captured image from my computer screen:

You see that- lazy national media?! "Your people have always treated me well at games in Philly." Anyhow, moving on, A. Nostro is a legit Marlins fan:

"So ZWR let me see if I've got this right: Super Pumped Marlins Fan Guy is a real fan, and cool, and good-natured. I assume this means you'll stop making fun of him?" 

Ummm... no. Check these they rule lololol

from Ahamed

Crane Kicker

Craney again

Srsly I love Craney


Fresh 2 Death

Crane - Kick - Chronicles - Dot - Biz

This makes me happy. Check back for a billion subsequent edits. 

PASTEL EDIT: Florida Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison loves these, too.


  1. Thank you for clearing my good name! As a Miami sports fan, I've always been troubled by the scenester Heat games they're the unbearable jackasses that show up in the 3rd quarter and immediately head to the concourse for mixed drinks. I'd expect a lot of those types in the new Marlins Park as long as it remains a novelty.

    I always hated Pro Player Stadium. It's a sterile place, rainouts suck, and it's in the middle of nowhere. I had looked forward to the Marlins getting a place of their own so badly that it seemed like a no-brainer to go with a suit for my opening day attire.

    I'm away for school these days, but I flew down mid-week for this one. I hadn't been in the park for any of the exhibition games or anything (though I did get a chance to tour it in 2010). My brother and I knew we wanted to get in the park early, but it didn't really even make sense to get there super early until we found ourselves with nothing to do after lunch. So as I got down there and saw no one waiting to get in the gate, I thought I might as well be the first in the park. I once waited in line to get into a Cold Stone Creamery grand opening. It was an intoxicating experience. And I saw a chance to be a local icon here.

    As the gates were opening and the crowd was getting really excited, I moved in for the kill. (See the 1:20 mark here... )

    I just absolutely lost my mind. Surely many in Philadelphia felt that way in getting rid of the Vet and starting fresh across the street.

    The funniest part about this? My brother and I were joking about how crazy I got once I got up the escalator and actually saw the playing field. Think: an empty ballpark, only employees were in the concourse, and it's three hours til first pitch...and Super Pumped Marlins Fan Guy is going wild like he won MegaMillions. It was glorious.

    I accumulated quite the stockpile of Miami Marlins apparel over the offseason. But I will only wear suits when I attend Marlins games in Philadelphia.

    Happy Opening Day

    1. Ah, you seem like a good dude. Glad you enjoyed yourself, I went to Pro Player for the first time last year, and oh man, I'd be fired up about a new place too. Hope you see playoffs games in it. As a wild card team.

    2. You are a good dude SPMFG. Enjoy your new ballpark (and second place)

    3. I've seen a group of guy wearing tuxedos with red cummerbunds and bow ties the last few Opening Games in Philly, so I appreciate your fine attire, SPMFG. I'm going to try to take a few days off to see your new stadium, it sounds terrific.

  2. When LoMo becomes a Phillies, you can hop on our bandwagon A Nostro. Until then, we shall welcome your suit into our park with open arms. Maybe we'll let you win a game in the series after Roy Halladay throws another perfect game against you and then proceeds to go to the zoo as celebration.

    Also, you may join us in laughing at the M_ts.

  3. Srsly, if you are ever in Philly give us a holler, I will by you a hotdog...And I may have connections to hook you up with some fine young ZWR ladies.

  4. I want to go to the Derp Dome with A Nostro.


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