Thursday, April 5, 2012

Super Pumped Marlins Fan Guy Meme

I know it's Opening Day and ZOMGROYHALLADAY and all, and I'm totally going to have more posts later, but I started making these earlier this morning and I couldn't stop. So instead of just posting them all ad hoc to Twitter where they disappear inside of two minutes, I'm going to dump them here.

I hope this catches on, because of all the ridiculous pictures
from opening night at the new Marlins stadium (aka "Derp Dome", you're welcome), this one is the most perfect. Feel free to make your own and send it in via email.

Hi guys CK here I crashed the party here's a few more Bro-Rida (see what I did there) and possibly more to come not sure if I'll have enough time what with it being freaking OPENING DAY and all.


Fan submitted:


  1. Brilliant. Also, I know your identity...

  2. Where's the original (blank)?


  3. Original:


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