Sunday, April 1, 2012

ZWR In The Wild (and the Bathroom)

Hey kids, happy Sunday. Here are a few pictures of fashion-forward young people for you.

Marti and Dave at Pat Croce's Rum Barrel in Key West:

I want to go to the beach

Steve solidifying my base of medium white guys at Brighthouse:

No, seriously, I'm tired of going to work and want to be in Florida

ZWR staff photographer Laura showing off her "Best T-Shirt" medal from the Phillies annual EleventyK (her husband, Matt, is a renowned stat geek whose stuff you should read ... and apparently preparing to go on location for a Frozen Planet shoot):

Ohai guy sleeping standing up

"Wait, ZWR, you sell tank tops?! That appeals to me as an adorable female. I want one!!!" **BOOM**

Dan killing it, also at the Phils TwelvityK:


Yeah, I don't really know what else to say about this picture other than what the donkey who sent it in did:

Why I Love That, by ZWR
Once, I was drinking at Downeys with my buddies and a guy came in wearing a ZWR shirt and sat next to me. 
They have that awesome Larry Andersen banner that's best ever. 
My best friends drink there a lot.
Someone, while going number one, randomly thought to advertise for the bolg. THANKS, BRO!
I didn't know guys carried pens around with them.

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