Thursday, April 19, 2012

ZWR In The Wild

Well last night ate poop. Let's take the opportunity this morning to focus on the positive- namely people and babies being happy in ZWR shirts!

@GalloSays MANNING UP in Lot K

Should of gone Vortex bottle yo

@OMalleyisawesum at Marlins Stadium!

Look at that sea horse checking out the aces...

Young Trey and his dad at the Magic Kingdom:


Vince the Brewer Dawson's Creek Doppelganger Kevin ZMailed this to me. It made me cheery:

Hi. That's cool that Vince makes a beer for you. I'm a brewer too down in Wilmington, NC at Front St. Brewery. Grew up in PA so obviously (Editor's Note: Duh) I'm a Phillies fan. Attached is a photo of me at work. That donkey behind me is my assistant brewer. He cheers for some team from I make him do all the work during baseball season. Keep up the good work. If you ever find yourself in Wilmington, NC be sure to stop by for a beer and ask for Kevin. If my assistant tries to speak while you're here just ignore him.

Haha look at that donkey from the Decemberists song shoveling mash!


  1. What the heck, the ladies? Send in more pics

  2. Agreed. Step up your game, the ladies.

  3. Ant your beard is trying to eat your son!


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