Thursday, May 17, 2012

As Last Night Reminded Us: #VOTEFORCHOOCH

Seriously donkeyface, have you voted for Chooch yet? All he did last night was hit a game-winning bomb and score eleventeen runs and get on base constantly and guide KYLE RODNEY KENDRICK (the real fifth starter don't even hate) to a startling three hit performance.

Yeah, that's right- stare in amazement at THE CHOOCH. Getty Images

Think on that- offensive hero, team leader, and shepherd of the Kendrick - Contreras victory flock. He's seriously the best! It's no wonder that awesome Facebook page I keep telling y'all about popped up to take on the cause, and it'll likewise be no wonder when it succeeds in seeing to it that Chooch is behind the plate for the NL All-Stars... whenever that stupid game is! producer , 97.3 ESPN Radio Phils Reporter,
and freelance-writer-you-should-hire Ryan Petzar made 
this (he's good at Photoshop, too!)

I'm thisclose to going right past the All-Star bid and campaigning for #MVCHOOCH, but I need to finish a face-breaking shirt design first so hang tight on that one loyal readers.



  1. We here at Vote For Chooch Central Command thank you for your support. ZWR is the bestest. Ever. I feel like we're interweb BFFs or something.

  2. I don't really even have a resume anymore. I pretty much just link any potential employers to ZWR.


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