Sunday, May 20, 2012

Coincidence? I think Not.

This past Friday Pat Burrell, via Danger Guerrero, on this here very bolg, offered the following sage advice to young Freddy Galvis:
Freddy Galvis: No, eberyone is breaking my house, ann no one lisson to me, ann Shase is coming back soon ann he's going to take my spot on de baseball team. 
Pat Burrell; You're on the baseball team? What are you, a freshman? Nice work. 
Freddy Galvis: Well, yeah...   
Pat Burrell: You hittin dingers?
Freddy Galvis: I hab one deenger.
Pat Burrell: Just one?
Freddy Galvis: I'ng good at fielding. 
Pat Burrell: Jesus Christ. [sits down next to Freddy] Listen, I know fielding is important to Mexicans like you and Chooch...
Freddy Galvis: I'ng Venezuelan. Chooch es frong Panama.
Pat Burrell: Whatever. Pay attention. It's all about hittin' dingers. 
Since then, this has happened:

The power of this bolg knows no bounds. Let's everyone thank Danger (by buying ZWR shirts or sending him Goonies screengrabs)!

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  1. Fredo trying to get his hangdown sticky. Watch out Peffercorns....


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