Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cole Hamels and the Fruitini Photoshop Bonanza Pt. 2 (of XX)

Hahahahaha big day for bolgs yesterday Deadspin with a solid second place finish (congrats AJ) on that Sarah Phillips thing and ZWR taking the trophy with the COLE HAMELS FRUITINI PHOTOSHOP BONANZA. Both I, the esteemed editor of the world's foremost outpost of zoo-with-Roy-ness, and you, the most befittingly dynamic audience there ever was, came up clutch city big time dead on awesomeface and left everyone all, "WHOA". Ainoes rite!

Oh yeah also Cole Hamels pitched last night and straight P35NED the Braves. Yo, we're so back (or at least on the way don't front #OURPARK).

* Deep breath*

Aight Rick go head on and break 'em off with a little preview of the part 2 mix...

@howfink is juxtaposing things:

What's going on here?!

@ChrisECHC just wanted to show off that he had field passes for an Eagles game but I'm not hatin' go on baby:


@_mattmac says, "Hey speaking of Sarah Phillips!":

She's sitting on his lap!

@BroadnPattison cracked me up here:

Best ever

Finally, Sixers Insider @Dennis Deitch (also known as the cranky old guy who stands on the corner of 18th and Porter yelling about parking tickets) submitted threeeeee entries. I guess the Sixers weren't playing yesterday:

Oh someone's a hipster

ODD JOB sighting ftmfw

When men were men

I know you donkeys are excited, and I've got good news for you: there will definitely be more of these later today. The above were just ones recently tweeted to (at?) me. There are more in the ZMail. And, of course, there's no deadline on submissions so if you'd rather make some photojobs than work (which you should, because your boss and company are just taking advantage of you truth be told) GO FOR IT!



  2. I love this so much. Good work

  3. "She's sitting on his lap!"

  4. HA! That Richard Simmons is classic!

  5. im in love with Cole Hamels and i dont know how to stop it


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