Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Birthday, Roy

Great men inspire others, strengthen a union, and lead by example. It is unquestioned that HLHIII is a commander-in-chief to his teammates. On this, the occasion of his 35th birthday, heading into the Fall of 2012, we take a moment to consider that which is likely on many minds: is there anyone that Roy could help more than just the Phillies?

Also, be sure to like my pal's new Facebook page, devoted 100% towards the goal of getting Chooch into the All-Star game. Like, seriously. Vote 20 times a day or whatever.


  1. Thanks for your help, ZooWithRoy. We have 251 likes as of now. Let's spread the word and get everyone's favorite Panamanian to Kansas City!

  2. Any chance that logo can be made into a facebook timeline cover? For those of us donkeys who go wild for such things.


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