Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Jayson Werth May Secretly Be an Icelandic Supermodel

(I know you're all hurting after last night, I am too. But those games- those endings- are character building. Let's fight through it, in good part with laughter. With that in mind...)

ZWR enthusiast Mickey may have just stumbled upon something while on vacation. Here, I'll let him explain...
Hello ZWR! I love your bolg! 
I am attaching an Icelandic advertisement that is on one of the main streets here in Reykjavik, where I am on vacation (no, really.) Check out how much this guy looks like Wertz! (There is another poster somewhere else in town, I might get a pic of that one too.)
You ready for this? Because it's going to blow your mind.

zOMG it's Sigbjörn Wertzjörg 

Ainoes rite dude are you kidding me?! That has to be a half brother or cousin or something. Or J-Dub's following the lead of other US celebrities and cashing in on cheesy ad campaigns overseas. Mickey- please find any and all of these I don't care if it annoys whoever you're on vacation with.

Hey speaking of Jayson Werth, I'm going to make him a get well card with a bunch of MS Paints from over the years. I'll snap a picture of it to share with you donkeys before I mail it. I'm also thinking of putting together a retrospective post, which I'm sure he'll view, just to remind him of how special his time in Philadelphia was and that we all still love him (especially now that he's possibly even famouser duh).


  1. ZMG! Amazing likeness, batman!

  2. You know who else looks like him? Charles Manson. Or Wertz looks like he did way back in the day. Whatever. Just throwing that out there.

  3. this guy's all over their website! including some videos embedded in their online magazine

  4. I was in Iceland a couple of months ago and saw this ad. At the time it didn't strike me as Wertz-like, but now I totally see it.

  5. "come with me if you want to live" - extends hand to help the fallen, broken wristed, wimpy american version of himself

  6. I'm too sexy for the sun


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