Monday, May 7, 2012

Mike Rizzo is a Gutless Scumbag Hypocrite screencgrab

Concerning those incidents, Mike Rizzo calmly noted:
"Some of the things that he did were disconcerting to me," General Manager Mike Rizzo said. "A lot if it snowballed after that. Most of the incidents I really have little or no problem with at all. They were pure baseball things. But there were a few situations that were unfortunate mistakes by a young, aggressive player who should know better. 
"He's never had a problem off the field, outside the white lines. Between the white lines, there's been some issues. But he's been a model citizen off the field, in the clubhouse and in the community. Let's not forget that."



  1. Mike Rizzo and Brian Sabean should form their own club and go cry in a corner together. Both of them whine like little bitches after something happened to their star players, yet had absolutely no problems with their own players doing the same shit they called Cousins and Hamels out about before they found something to bitch about. Pathetic. No wonder I hate both of those teams.

  2. The traded Nyjer Morgan for next to nothing after this, purely because of these incidents...

    1. So you're saying he's a lying gutless scumbag hypocrite? I'm down with that.

  3. i think the big news from last nite is that Jimmy is still UZRing in the field/took 2 BBs.

  4. What the hell's an UZR? One of those scooters?


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