Thursday, May 10, 2012

%$#$*%$(@*$#_)@_!*@# (A Post About Kyle Kendrick)

/points wrong direction, blows up own team
0 - 3
7.32 ERA
2.034 WHIP
19.2 IP
31 H
9 BB
16 ER
2012: $3,000,000
2013: $4,500,000

And now for advanced statistical analysis:

Click for full size; analysis this deep demands closer inspection


  1. I feel I can't truly express of hatred toward Kyle Kendrick right now because they might land me in jail.

  2. Its not like this is new information. I have been saying since 2007 this dude sucks. Yet every year people come and go yet herndon and kendrick manage to stay. Downright terrible.

  3. I expected to see:

    (Header)So Kyle Kendrick Pitched Yesterday...

    (Body)and was terrible.

  4. I could not for the life of me figure out WTF was on that tee. When I finally realized it was a meatball, I bust out laughing in earshot of my boss. Good thing he has a sense of humor!

  5. kendrick looks like the artist brother from wedding crashers, todd.


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