Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spotted--No Rest for the Weary

ZWR sources in Chicago spotted the following and dutifully captured it with their kameras for submittal to the bolg. Donkey Nation + Roy- I'm the man who loves you! You rule (pot kettle black). No worries, they were able to quickly move on to their reservations, and weren't impelled to watch HLHIII's entire work-out, which surely would have left them scrounging for some after-hours dive in the poor places (last night).

Jesus, etc.


  1. he is an american guaranteed face breaker
    he assassins down every dude
    he's running steps in the city every morning
    what were you thinking? it's halladay and chooch!

    halladay's trying to break your face
    halladay's trying to break your face
    still i'd be lying if i said it wasn't easy
    halladay's trying to break your face

  2. Beautiful job, tylersnotes


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