Saturday, May 5, 2012

ZWR in the Wild Brings the #Natitude

ZWR enthusiast @beergiggles sent in the following from DC yesterday. And not only does she have a top-10 twitter name, but you can tell that her and her pals in the tactical ZWR swag below mean BIZNESS, because they traveled to the post-apocalyptic future to take this picture at some random construction site. HARDEST CORE.

I mean yeah, the Phillies lost a tough one last night, but most importantly yesterday's hilarious reverse-jinx almost worked, and there were like a billionty six Phillies fans in attendance. Keep it up, gang. Also, Chooch.

OH, and before I forget: Free Shipping on my shirts from now till May 8. Use the code "MOTHERSDAY12" at checkout. 

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