Saturday, May 19, 2012

ZWR in the Wild Goes to Waikiki Beach

Here's ZWR and island enthusiast Jen showing off a design from the vintage Fall/Winter 2010 collection while frolicking about Waikiki Beach (that's in Hawaii):

Shane, what do you think?

Concur, Shane. Concur. And mahalo, Jen!

Public Notice!
Don't forget that all ZWR casual, beach and formal attire is 15% off if you spend $30 or more. All youse have to do is enter the code "VOTEFORCHOOCH" at checkout. Really. It's that easy.


  1. OMG ZWR, I have a shirt idea/request. Can you make a shirt in the style of the powder and maroon Schmidt shirtsey? Instead of saying phillies on the front, it should have a picture of a Schmidtter sandwich, and the name on the back should be changed to Schmitter.

  2. Move the shirt.


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