Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It's ZWR's 1,000th Post! Here's a Picture of Roy Halladay Reading ZooWithRoy.com

Recently I received an email from a Phillies beat writer (who is also a big fan of the bolg and/or MAY OR MAY NOT be shown below) with the following photo attached. It was taken a couple of weeks ago when the Phils were in Chicago*, right at the height of BOBBLE-GATE.

What you are looking at is 100% verified by all parties involved to be a picture of Roy Halladay reading ZooWithRoy.com, the nation's premier website about wanting to go to the zoo with Roy Halladay, current Phillies ace and future first ballot Hall of Famer. Roy is being shown the picture of his totally screwed up bobblehead.

Photo credit: David Hale's Nokia 3300

Naturally, I turned this photo into a one-of-kind ZWR MS Paint print.


Silliness aside, the recent happenings (I honestly don't know a better word for it) of the bolg-- Bobble-Gate, Keith Law, Awesome Emma's Cole Hamels interview, a marriage proposal, Photoshop contests, countless links from local and national media outlets, etc. -- have really startled (and humbled) me. Now I have beat writers showing Roy the site. It's all pretty crazy, and beyond what I ever could have reasonably expected. To the point of this sappy paragraph, I want each of you to know that I appreciate more than I could ever say with paints, pictures, tweets, or bolg posts your taking the time to read along with and participate in ZWR. I love that we can make folks happy every day and create a place for a butt ton more people than I ever imagined to enjoy being a baseball fan.

I want to go to the zoo with Roy Halladay, obviously, or I wouldn't be 1,000 posts into this thing. Until that happens, though, I'll happily keep creating and sharing with all of you as best I can.

Thanks again.

P.S. Stromboli.

*exact location of photo could not be independently confirmed at press time


  1. Dude, you and Chooch are the MVP's of our season thus far

  2. Stromboli indeed!

  3. Yo dawg, I heard you liked Roy Halladay, so I gave you Roy Halladay reading a site dedicated to Roy Halladay.

    Congrats, yo!

  4. Tip of the cap to you, Sir. Well deserved.

  5. Wow, nice arch they have there in "Chicago*"!!!

    And IT'S PEPPERONI BREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. *pops a bottle of PA Dutch Birch Beer in celebration*

  7. Son of the Mud GuyJune 5, 2012 at 6:47 PM

    Hey dude, I have been reading the bog since the first ever Blog bracket... I was a writer for Phillies Nation at the time and after reading this, I realized, ZWR is what a Phillies bolg should be. I then quit PN and have enjoyed reading you ever since. Thank you for providing me with great phodder.

  8. Eleventy virgins await you for your humane gift to us donkeys.

    Well done.

    And now, you must do what everyone does. Branch out. Diversify.

    I beg of you:


    Make it happen.

  9. ZWR, you're our first, our last, our everything as far as bolgs dedicated to going to a zoo with Roy Halladay are concerned.
    Dedicated to you...


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