Monday, June 18, 2012

A Message from the Donkeys at TiqIQ

Hey now that we just got swept by the stupid Blue Jays and everyone's miserable I figured it was a splendid time to allow our friends at TiqIQ to share the word on some pretty great things they have going on (Stanford's not going to be cheap in 16 years, yo).

Score deals on Phillies/Rockies tickets from Zoo With Roy (Editor's Note: That's Me!) & TiqIQ

It hasn't been the start the Phillies were looking for (Editor's Note: You're telling me, bro), but with the Rockies coming to town for a three game series starting on Tuesday this is a good opportunity for the Phillies to get back to their winning ways (Editor's Note: Because the Rockies are butt).

Zoo With Roy and TiqIQ have taken the hassle out of scouring the web for tickets by aggregating multiple ticket sellers into one format (Editor's Note: Hey TiqIQ, you should patent this technology and call it the Scourgator). Whether you want to score seats directly behind home plate, or just get in the door for the least amount possible, TiqIQ has you covered! To see all deals, click here.

They also have make an offer deals that can't be beat. These seats can sometimes be had for as low as $10, and don't have any pesky service or shipping fees, which can cost up to the price of the ticket themselves (Editor's Note: Okay that's actually pretty cool I hate when I get two tickets for $30 each and it ends up costing me $97.50)! So why pay more fees for your ticket (Editor's Note: That's cray)? Just name your price and avoid the hassle. To sign up for for your own ScoreBig account and start saving today, click here.

This season may be the Heart of Darkness so far, but check out these sweet deals, Broseph Konrad:

Rockies @ Phillies on 6/19: Save 20% and offer $38 for 3-star seats (list price $47.26)
Rockies @ Phillies on 6/20: Save 38% and offer $51 for 5-star seats (list price $82.84)
(Editor's Note: Frankly that's just nuts)
Rockies @ Phillies on 6/21: Save 36% and offer $24 for 2-star seats (list price $38.36).
(Editor's Note: WORLY?)

Click the Golden IQ to make an offer and get to CBP for less!

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