Saturday, June 30, 2012

ZWR In the Wild; Adorablest Baby Pic

ZWR enthusiast Rachel sent along this nice note:
Hey ZWR! 
This current Phillies/Pirates game has been crazy hasn't it (Editor's Note: It stunk Kyle Kendrick's big dumb face ruined everything)?! Anyways, I recently went to the Philadelphia Zoo and appropriately wore my ZWR tank, although I was with my sister and not Roy Halladay (Editor's Note: Sick burn (no offense, Rachel's sister)). One of the zoo workers actually complimented me on my tank top and asked what ZWR stood for. I told her all about your bolg (Editor's High Five). We took pictures with the statues of penguins since the real penguins are all enclosed and whatnot. I love your bolg! Thanks for keeping all us donkeys up to date!
Here are said pics. +5000 points for posing in front of the penguin statue, btw.

Bonus: Face-Breaking Cuteness

Missy wrote:
Hi ZWR! I took my friend Bill with me, my boyfriend, and my mom to a Phillies game...Bill decided that he needed to by his 16 month old daughter Gracie a Phanatic..I wholeheartedly concurred. I also made him promise that he would send me cute and adorable pictures of her with said Phanatic...I saw this today ...ZOMG
Are you kidding me? Game over


  1. Is Rachel single by any chance???

    1. And whay is my name Siesta?? Wierd

    2. Good questions.

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  2. Rachel is single but she's in Honduras for 14 months. I'll tell her to hit you up when she gets back -rachel's sister (seriously)

  3. I want to meet Rachel's sister, your are sooo gorgeous!!!


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