Saturday, June 16, 2012

ZWR In The Wild

Got this nice note from Caitlin:
Hello Penguin!
A few weeks ago I purchased some shirts, including the awesome Halladay/Chooch Campaign shirt (my fav!). Well, I was so excited to represent our current all-star catcher with my new shirt in Baltimore last Friday, and did I get noticed! So many fellow Phils fans commented on my shirt and asked where I got it. I directed them to you, so if your sales have sky-rocketed, this is why! Thanks for keeping us all so well informed, well dressed and entertained!
Your Truly,
Day Drinking + Phils = Yes, Please

There was also this tweet from Dave:
Representing ZWR in the mountains of VA on a motorcycle ride with a bunch of donkeys.
It's ironic because I assume Dave really
does like to break faces... calmly

Thanks for sharing, donkeys!

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