Wednesday, June 27, 2012

ZWR Mentioned in Philly Sports Week Article About Other Blogs

Photo Illustration, some details have been edited

"OTHERS, I am not the first,
Have willed more mischief than they durst:
If in the breathless night I too
Shiver now, ’tis nothing new."
Zach Berman wrote an article for Philly Sports Week about a bunch of Philly blogs [sic] (their representation in a shift in media trends, fan interaction, and stuff like that), focusing largely on the usual culprits. Each has its merits, and many, many more not noted also deserve credit for their fine work-- though I'd argue perhaps more for their effort.

I was lucky enough to have been featured, and an excerpt (okay, mostly all of the stuff about me... whatevs) is found below (the "how to deal with this moron" tone always gives me a chuckle; kudos to Jen Miller--official ZWR staff biographer--on cracking that nut):
Then there is Zoo With Roy, a site ostensibly about the Phillies. When it was invited to cover Cole Hamels' recent charity event, ZWR sent a 10-year-old girl named "Awesome Emma" to interview the pitcher. Hamels seemed to have fun with the exchange, discussing his bedtime (2 a.m.) and his favorite ice-cream flavor (chocolate mint).

"ZWR is filling a humor-based niche about Philadelphia sports, but I think the people that tend to enjoy it the most are those who appreciate a clever spin on things," the creator of Zoo With Roy — who refuses* to divulge his name to separate it from his professional life — wrote in an email. "In the span of a week, it can go from Degas to fart jokes to animated stick figures to a 1,000-word piece. A month or so ago I had a guy propose to his girlfriend on the site. So it's all over the place."

You can read the whole thing here. 

The requisite thanks go out to all you donkeys for putting me in a position to be a part of things like this... and for constantly reminding me why I think our little bolg is different-- and unique--enough to be something special. Also if any bars or big time luxury brands want to sponsor me I'd like to say I'd be willing to consider it.



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    1. Many thanks for the exciting blog posting! I really enjoyed reading it, you are a brilliant writer. I actually added your blog to my favorites and will look forward for more updates.Great Job,Keep it up..

  2. Not nearly enough ZWR in that article.

  3. "Also if any bars or big time luxury brands want to sponsor me I'd like to say I'd be willing to consider it." zOMG WILL YOU JUST ASK IRON HILL AND CBP TO PARTNER UP AND SELL SO CUTTERED HOPPY WHEAT AT THE PARK ALREADY!?!?

    -Jake, Appreciative Facebook Fan

  4. Don'g ever change, ZWR!! We love you just the way you are, especially WITHOUT those crappy ads!


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