Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Comprehensive All-Star Game Recap

I'm not gonna lie the Nag was watching some dumb show about putting in granite counter tops and stainless appliances and a man cave and and then I switched over to the game and it was already 5-0 so I was like, "huh", then I checked later and made some awesome Chipper Jones jokes.

Then I fell asleep. But I imagine Chooch swooped in and won the Lifetime All-Star Game MVP and captured the hearts of the heartland and it basically went down like this:

Click for bigness


  1. This is exactly what happened. You are one awesome Penguin.

  2. You missed out on Joe Buck introducing every character from every commercial at the game

  3. This is the most accurate depiction of what happened that i've seen to date.

  4. <3 the lizard celebrating!


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