Wednesday, July 18, 2012

So Roy Halladay Pitched Yesterday (7.17.12 v the Dodgers)

So excited!
ZWR staff member reacting to Brian Sanches' demotion
The heavens smiled upon the vast expanses from Chavez Ravine to each of our donkey enclaves last night, casting a spirit that could only come to mean one thing. Yes yes yes yes yes, Roy Halladay (whom I want to go to the zoo with, as you might have heard) was back on the mound for your surging Philadelphia Phillies.

AP; So very, very cuttered
I'm so excited, sitting here at my stupid cubicle blasting my 2Pac / Camera Obscura "PUMPED UP" playlist thinking back on last night's game. First, a rehashing of events in a loosely time-phased fashion:
  • First Inning: Dude, the ump was on point, with a keen eye for Roy's masterful painting of the corners. Excellent work on all parts:

    Bobby Abreu Has a Sad
    Wally Bell umpires Very Well.
    GIF by Dan McQuade
  • Second Inning: I may have fallen asleep. From what I hear, HLHIII got blooped to death and everyone was freaking out.
  • Third Through Fifth Innings: Oh that's just Roy being Roy. Our hero's on a tight pitch count and he's all like, "Oh okay, lemme just get you through five without walking anyone or allowing any more runs my bad I was just simulating giving those up earlier like when I sat through half-innings from the bullpen during my minor-league rehab don't I rule? Oh, don't make me blush."

"But ZWR what's the line? We need to know, we need to know, tell us ZEE-DUB-ARR 'cause we need to know!!!!!"

5 IP, 5 H, 0 BB (duh), 6 K (4 C, 2 SC), 2 ER, 1.00 WHIP, 80 pitches

It's so great to have Roy back. I'm thinking so long as we keep plenty of blue Powerade on hand all should be fine the rest of the way.


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  1. The zoom on the Abreu gif is what makes it.

    1. yea Bob, you're still out. every time.

  2. Not so fast there, Bobby! Yeah, that zoom's the BEST!

  3. The zoom is great, but the birthday kid at the top is still making me laugh

  4. That Pence image is now my background image.


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