Thursday, July 26, 2012

Zoo With Friends at Iron Hill North Wales

Love Yes, Please

I've gotten tremendous feedback on last night's "Zoo With Friends" shindig at Iron Hill North Wales. That, of course, makes me smile. And also the fact that Vince saved a surprise keg of So Cuttered Hoppy Wheat for last night's beer lovers is also pretty rad.

The stars of the show, though (duh), were the delicious creations of Vince and... well... our friends
  • producer, 97.3  ESPN Radio Phillies beat reporter, and- MOST IMPORTANTLY- unpaid ZWR contributor Ryan Petzar's Petzrawr Pilsner
  • ZWR Supermodel and 97.5 The Fanatic's Alex Reardon's Reardon the Instigator
  • BFF4LIFE and TEAM SPAEK founder, creator of the hilarious "Cholly" series here on the bolg, and co-host of the podcast we swear we're going to make one day CK's Aka-Oni (The Red Devil)
Were you there last night? Which ones did you try? Did you drink them all in giant glasses or those lame samplers? Which did you like best? Do you like questions? Will you answer them in the comments? Okay, sounds great!

Here's Aka-Oni, Craney's jawn. Says Vince, "It's like a Japanese pale ale." By all accounts, it was delicious:


And here's Vince after drinking eleventeen of them:

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz hammer zzzzz

Vince informs me that he'll be announcing the winner of the competition today, so stay tuned for that. From my side of things, I want to quickly thank him, and Iron Hill North Wales, for being so gracious and fun since we started doing this beer thing with our baby So Cuttered Hoppy Wheat. It's one of my more proud outcomes of the bolg (will be in the top three when all is said and done, right up there with going to the zoo with Roy Halladay), and it wouldn't have happened without them. Thanks also to Alex, CK, and Ryan.

Finally, thanks to all of you donkeys for joining in on the fun with things like this. It is so, so, so, so appreciated.


POSTSCRIPT: Yo whoever wins the StubHub gift card take me to the Keith Sweat concert 


  1. I love Vince like I love my brother.

  2. I tried the Aka-Oni which I found enjoyable but a bit lacking both in hop character and body as I would have expected from the description. The malt backbone was enjoyable though- an interesting red ale all around. The So Cuttered was remarkably solid, although the expected yeast profile was a bit mellow for my tastes.

    Highlight was the Voodoo Chicken Pizza.

    1. I got a yeast profile for ya, pal!


    2. How was the Die in a Fire Stout?

  3. IronHillRegular (i'm not ashamed)July 26, 2012 at 12:40 PM

    I think we all already knew that So Cuttered was da bomb... but had it anyways last night. But out of the 3 competitors last night my favorite was definitely Reardon the Instigator (and not just because of the name).

    also I have to say that after hanging out with Vince several times at Iron Hill now, that picture above must've been before all the beers because after he does not stop talking for long enough to get a yawn in.


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