Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Hey what up girl? This morning stinks, right? What to do? How on earth to distract yourself from the soul-crushing despondency of your work day? OH THAT'S RIGHT, today's the Major League Baseball trade deadline!!! (Except I think people can still get traded if they pass through waivers but frankly I don't even know what waivers means even in fantasy football I don't get it all I know is that I tried to add Toby Gerhart and the commissioner cheated)

So, yeah, I've got the hook-up for you kids. Forget about real life, forget about stopping at Target after work to get a card for your niece and zip-lock bags, forget the bullet points for your 10 AM call. Sail away mentally, and check in every few minutes to see what time it is (metaphor, yo) on the ...


tick tick ti- hey yo man nice swatch wanna trade

ZWR has its eye on the ball like George McFly and Mick Billmeyer at a billiards tournament:

Keep it locked here for late breaking trade news, Roy Halladay Olympic updates and other pointless nonsense all day long

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