Saturday, July 28, 2012

ZWR In The Wild (Dudes w/ the Ladies Edition)

ZWR enthusiast Aiden wrote:
Hey Zoo, 
Wanted to send along a pic of the girl and I at a recent game (actually not so recent, like a month ago or so). Any who I had sent in a pic around this time last summer showing off my new ZWR threads that she had purchased me and I believe the advice given was "dude, don't screw this up". Well, I haven't screwed it up (yet!). Just wanted to say thank you for making sure my relationship continues, what with your fun bolg posts, "we wonned" updates, and "still dead" Michael Martinez updates that give me and the girl a reason to converse on a daily basis (Editor's Note: shaking my darn head)
No but for serious- don't screw it up dummy.

Dave tweeted this to (at? (@?)) me:

I believe that's a towel skirt

Here's a really rich guy in the super fancy seats wearing a fashion-forward "Hi" shirt. GET YOURS TODAY!

James made this at the beach. I like.


  1. CRABCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCH rules! I love the bat. Plus the glove is a mussel shell.

  2. Dear ZWR,

    I hope the recent found fame of couple number one doesn't go to their heads since you've featured them not once, but twice in bolg posts. Hopefully they will stay grounded, I dont want a donkey (the dude) for a roomie.

    Vote 4 Chooch.


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