Thursday, August 2, 2012

Is Shane Victorino's Full-Page Ad a Subliminal Shoutout to ZWR?

As reported by pal and bolg alumnus @petzrawr over at his new awesome website Complex Philly--something everyone should definitely check out, bookmark, and follow on Twitter--Shane Victorino took out a full page ad in the big Philly newspapers to thank the fans.

No questions asked, it was classy display of gratitude from Dodger Prep's newest pupil:

Upon closer inspection however, one is left to wonder if there weren't coded messages included in the piece that were intended for a certain bolg and its fans. I'm not normally one to indulge a conspiracy theory, but I feel I'm keen enough to know subtext when it's hidden right in front of my face.

To that end, I had our forensic symbologists and animated gif coding experts working on this all morning, and I think what you'll see below makes abundantly clear the hidden intent of the Shane's message:


*a single tear*

It's like he's saying, "ThanksZWRAndAllItsBolgReadersMahaloToYouAndThanksForAllTheMemoriesDangerGuerreroBigFanLoveYourWorkOkayGottaGoNowHeadmasterMattinglyIsYellingAtMeByeByeLoveYou."

At least that's my take. A final farewell, Shane. You'll be missed.


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