Saturday, August 11, 2012

So Roy Halladay Pitched Yesterday (8.10.12 v. Carlos Beltran)

Executive Summary
Roy Halladay dominated for eight innings and allowed only two hits while the Phillies won in exciting fashion thanks to a longgggg eighth inning homerun from Chase Utley and Papelbon did his dancing bear highwire routine for the save. Roy is back to being Roy, everyone, just like we knew he would be.

Here's the line, donkeys:
8 ip, 2 hits, 1 earned run, 8 strikeouts, zero fargling walks. Is there any doubt that Roy will now probably finish the season with a however-many-starts-he-has-left complete game shutout streak? Nope.

Perhaps more importantly though, we developed a new catchphrase:

99 pitches but a something something blah blah unh hit me

Bonus Blogger-Bolger Nonsense
Also, it was pretty great when the Cardinals didn't have any other hits off of Roy after Mayor Burnsy's foolish tweet below and then I threw it back in his face after Roy threw 8 one-run innings, and then LOLOLOL--best of all!--Carlos Beltran went and LOLOLOLOL got picked off by the old "fake to throw to third throw back to first move" that literally no one in the history of baseball has ever been fooled by in order to make the third out in the ninth and seal the Phillies victory. LOL what a space cadet. Thanks, Burnsy!


  1. Hey ZWR big fan and this is kinda random but remember when you wrote that face-breakingly awesome piece about the Phillies as olympic events? Yeah well I was watching the race-walking event today and my first reaction was Holy Crap this is the most awkward looking thing ever this is totally Hunter Pence. I dunno that's all. Big fan.

    1. Nice try Shane, we all know your rambling random speaking style too well to be fooled by an "Anon" tag. We miss you and your bro Hunter.

  2. Aww, no Cuttered / So Cuttered ratio in the stat line this time? :)

  3. Thank the Baseball Gods HRH HLHIII is back to being DOC!

    Huzzah! SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

    Let's not mention last night's toilet of a game at all, OK? Good.

    Crap. I just did.


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