Friday, August 3, 2012


Hey there donkey, I have a few questions for you:

Do you like free stuff?!
Do you like the Phillies?! 
Do you have a television?! 
Do you like playing along to my whims?!!

If the answer to any combination of at least two of the above was "omg yes, please", then I've got something for you. Maybe. Unless like only four people respond in which case I definitely have something for you.

"Dude what is it? TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME"

Okay. The fine folks at A+E Home Entertainment/MLB Productions have put together a DVD collection featuring four of the hippest/most awesome-face Phillies games EVER. Here's a picture of the cover with an embedded hyperlink that takes you to the product:

"Whoa! What games are on that (your image is too small)?"

Good question: 
* 1980 NLCS Game #5 (clincher)
* 1993 NLCS Game #6 (clincher)
* 2008 World Series Game #5 (clincher)
* 2010 NLDS - Roy Halladay No-Hitter Facebreak asplosion suck it, the Reds HISTORY BABY

"That sounds awesome ZWR!!! But what was that about FREE again?"

The aforementioned, generous A+E Home Entertainment/MLB Productions team has been kind enough to offer a few copies to Donkey Nation. All you have to do is ... well, get picked by me as a winner. I've been mulling this over, and for an opportunity to win this prize you will complete and turn in the following assignment: 

A 500 to 1000 word analysis of why Philadelphia rules. This must include no fewer than 3 peer-reviewed journals/articles (MLA formatting, please), no sentence is permitted to begin with a vowel, and you must at some point employ a gardening metaphor (but "roots taking hold" is out-rightly forbidden). Please email.

There is no deadline for submission, but I'll probably just pick the ones I like best as they come in and we'll probably want to wrap it up before A+E Home Entertainment/MLB Productions forgets they ever made the mistake of including me on this promotion.

Good luck!


  1. Ruben said it best, "It's irrelevant." It being your rules. I love Philadelphia because of soft pretzels in shopping carts. End of contest. Ship all copies to me.

  2. All your copies are belong to us


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