Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Support for ZWR comes from... (My interview with WHYY)

I'm a total dork, and one of the traits that tends to come with this era's coastal, quasi-sophisticated, self-absorbed, iPhone-y dorkdom is an affection for public radio. No joke, the Nag used to tease me so much about introducing conversations with "So I heard this story on NPR..." that I now have a complex about it. I'd be all, "Ummm, I heard this story ... on ... the radio..." Lucky for me I don't like talking to her* (IN YOUR FACE!).

With that all said, I was pretty excited when WHYY reporter (how cool does that sound?!) Elizabeth Fiedler asked me to contribute to a story she was putting together about the Phillies trade deadline moves.

In it, I (because I'm an idiot) provide the following quote:
"My first bit of advice would be to get the dog-getting-run-over imagery out of your head.."
NOW you're totally intrigued. Click here to read the whole thing, or click the awesome image below. And donate to your local public radio/tv/web providers.

One of these things doesn't belong. Click for link

Long-time fans of the bolg will recall that this isn't the first time public radio has featured ZWR: A Nerd Bonanza -- April 19, 2010

Also, that time we were mentioned in a Moth story.

* just kidding, sweetie


  1. Congrats to the most enjoyable bolg in the city!

  2. I like that it was someone's job to transcribe this.


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