Wednesday, August 22, 2012

ZWR World Exclusive: John Mayberry Jr. Takes Batting Practice

ZWR has exclusively obtained the following clip of John Mayberry working hard in the cages. I swear this is totally real and not fake at all.

John Mayberry not Sarah Baicker

Fred McGriff approves:


  1. John Mayberry Jr. at the plate, two runners ISP. One out.

    The pitch... takes first strike.

    Mayberry steps back, looks at his bat.

    JMJ: "Jobu, do not fail me now."

    The pitch, breaking ball down and away, lolswing, miss.

    Mayberry steps back, looks at his bat.

    JMJ: "I say F*#! you Jobu, I do it myself."

    The pitch, 12-6 curve, lolswing, miss. 2nd out.

    Jobu makes John sad.

  2. I don't know, that looks fake to me.

  3. And Jobu comes through with the game winner... I guess looking (speaking) at your bat can help!


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