Wednesday, September 12, 2012

#HartnellDown Event at Iron Hill North Wales. Meet @Hartsy19 and @VinceTheBrewer!

ohai Scott Hartnell!

Best pal of the bolg Vince the Brewer is at it again. This Saturday, September 15, he's hosting Scott Hartnell at Iron Hill North Wales. They'll be bottling some of Vince's award-winning Grand Inquisitor beer and generally hanging out, mingling, and being the awesome dudes that they are. Word on the streets is that Vince bet Hartnell he couldn't eat fourteen orders of cheese steak egg rolls.

Most importantly, 19% of all sales at Iron Hill North Wales that day will be donated towards Scott's Hartnell Down Foundation.

If you can swing it, please stop by and support Vince, Hartnell Down, and Iron Hill Brewery! If you can't, your life must rock because hanging out with Flyers while drinking beer sounds pretty fargling great to me.

Via Philly Foobooz here 
and Beer Advocate here

And not that you actually needed additional motivation, but Vince has also put up the stromboli signal!!

(Also, and I don't want to brag or anything, but I've had said beer back in the super-secret bolg celebrity brewing/tasting lounge and it's awesome) 

Bonus GIF of Scott breaking Sean Avery's face!!

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  1. are you are beer and hockey and general phillies bolg, or are you a fucking phillies bolg.

    you are losing your core audience bro. start a new site.


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