Friday, September 7, 2012

Yahoo! Confirms What We Already Have Known About Roy Halladay

"Ryan Lawrence? Never heard of him."

In their groundbreaking investigative journalistic and no doubt soon-to-be-award-winning piece, "People Who Derp Worked Incredibly Hard to Succeed Derp", Yahoo! (or is it Business Insider? Or Yahoo! Finance? Who can tell.) goes about the painstaking task of listing the 10 hardest working people that ever lived.

And, needless to say, our muse is right near the top of the list (although there's no way Roy shouldn't ranked at least second if ask me, and I know you wanted to) along with other well known athletes and over-stressed/paid and greedy business executives. 

Lazy block quote! 
His former pitching coach told SI that when other pitchers attempted one of his workouts, none of them could complete half of it.

Well yeah, duh. Way to go, Yahoo! Business Insider Finance SEO content mill. Even if your top 10 list that requires me to view 11 pages just to see it all is bland and unoriginal, at least you got one thing right. Michael Jordan, pffft.

Thanks to Vince the Brewer for the tip.

"LOL we're going to change the connector on the iPhone 5 because we don't have all the money yet. Magic!"

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