Friday, October 19, 2012

Second Annual ZWR Halloween Costume Contest

So about this time last year we announced the First Annual ZWR Halloween Costume Contest, which was eventually won by the coolest person on earth, Awesome Emma. You know what followed after that:

It probably wouldn't be a good idea to expect all of that to happen to you should you win this thing, but you never know. And you can't win it if you don't enter. The details are basically the same, so I'll copy/paste from last year's post:

To enter, simply send a picture of yourself (or your kids or your pets or whatever) in costume to either ZWR (zoowithroy [at] gmail) or Danger Guerrero (dangerguerrero [at] gmail). Your submission will then be compiled with the others and a winner will be selected by a very impressive and prestigious committee of international fashion experts (me, Awesome Emma, Danger, and Cranekicker, natch... maybe Vince the Brewer).

Now, I'm sure some of you are thinking, "Well, I have a great costume that would definitely win, but I don't want a picture of me in a doofy or scandalous outfit posted on the world's foremost bolg about wanting to go to the zoo with Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay for everyone to see." Fear not, hypothetical donkey! At your request, Danger Guerrero will happily draw an MS Paint face over your actual face to protect your anonymity. For example:

Photo Credit: Danger Guerrero

So when you go to your fancy young people or mildly boring old people/company Halloween parties these next few weekends, in addition to drinking a ton of pumpkin beer and nomming infinity bite-size Butterfingers, snap a picture of your costume (dude, your smartphone takes, edits, and emails the photo, you do essentially no work don't be a lazy doof) and send it on in. You too could have a chance to litter this bolg with dated pop culture references and cockamamie theories about your favorite sports teams or breakfast items. And then you'll be a celebrity. Probably. Maybe.


"This sounds awesome!"
 That's not even a question, but I agree.

"What's the deadline?"
Halloween, dummy.

"Hey ZWR I know you're a family bolg but my costume is kind of ... ummmm ... tastefully risque. Now what?"
Oh, send those pics to zwrafterdark [at] gmail dot-- Wait what. 


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