Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Greatest Roy-O-Lantern in the World Concerns Roy Halladay

ZWR enthusiast Renee sent in the following, which she graciously found for me on the the Phillies' website (check them out online at www.Phillies.com).

She cheekily inquired if I submitted this pumpkin myself to Phillies' pumpkin carving photo "contest" but, I, of course, did not. According to the Phillies website (www.Phillies.com), it was some incredibly artistic (and most likely handsome, charming and successful with the ladies) donkey named Nate. Well done, Nate.

p.s. first person to carve a pumpkin of Roy wrestling an anaconda wins all the internet points and a free t-shirt


  1. Extra-special internet points if we can somehow work Ice Cube into our anaconda scene?

  2. I think it was Nate Schierholtz that sent that in, I mean he has been on the bench for months and is most likely going to be looking for work.


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