Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween Costume Contest Prize Guest Post, by Matt and Jill

Srsly, Prince is working it in this photo

Oh, my readers. Last year we held the inaugural costume contest, Awesome Emma won, and history was made. This year we had another strong showing, with the eventual victors (as you already know, religious ZWR reader) being a group dressed as characters from the Wizard of Oz ... with Prince. So when I emailed the team spokesman Matt to share the news and offer a guest post I assumed it would be all:

ZWR:  "Oh you hey bro congrats good job send something over." 
Matt: "Sweet, that's cool and funny here's a quick little post where we say gracias and make a joke and some Prince song title puns (google doc)."

Nope. Instead, donkeyface was all "hahaha thanks Rick here's PART ONE (Editor's Note: Yes, part one) of a somewhat screenplay formatted project that Jill and I penned and it's ostensibly the Wizard of Oz story but set in Kensington and Phillies-themed I'm pretty sure this was L. Frank Baum's initial vision and we introduce Prince in part two plz publish serially kthnxbai." 

YES PLEASE. True story, if you click the "Read More" and hit play on Purple Rain at the same time they sync up perfectly...

The Phillies of Oz

Philadelphia, October 2012.

A massive storm rolls in from the East. A girl, Dorothy, races through the sepia-toned streets on foot, trying to make it home before the rains come. In her arms she clutches her stuffed Phanatic doll. She gets to her row home, but finds the door locked. She starts pounding.

Dorothy (shouting): Uncle Charlie!? Aunt Dubee? It’s me – Dorothy! Let me in!

Uncle Charlie (from inside): What now? I can’t, you know, um, hear you over this dadgummed bluster.

Aunt Dubee: Oh Charlie! It’s your niece, Dorothy. Oh thank heavens she’s safe! Let her in!

The door opens and Dorothy is practically blown inside. Soon after, the full fury of the storm is upon them.

Aunt Dubee: What were you doing out there, Dorothy? This storm’s dangerous! You should have come in 20 pitches ago!

Dorothy: I’m sorry, Aunt Dubee! It’s just, well, I don’t know how to handle an October when there’s no Phillies baseball, so I…

The house starts to shake.

Dorothy: Oh! Uncle Charlie! Aunt Dubee! It’s a twister! It’s a twister!

Uncle Charlie: Naw, this ain’t no dang twister. It's a doggone typhoon. A typhoon sandstorm, or somethin' they was callin’ it on the weather news. Now when I was in Japan once this ol’ typhoon came through, you know, and it blustered us up real good, uh…

Uncle Charlie’s ramble is cut short as the row home is ripped into the air in a magnificent series of special effects. It’s really harrowing and awesome. Eventually it lands with a thud. Dorothy peeks out her head from beneath her 2007 Chase Utley giveaway blanket [1]. The house seems empty. Judging by the duration of her flight, she’s expecting to be maybe in Fishtown. Instead, as she pushes open the door… she is greeted by colors like she’s never seen before. She steps out in amazement, inexplicably carrying her toy Phanatic in a basket.

Dorothy: What is this? Where am I? Is this the Piazza? Oh, Phanatic… I don’t think we’re in Kensington any more…

A glowing orb wearing a puffy pink Kangol hat tinkles in from off-screen. A familiar voice calls out gently:

Orb: Are you a good witch – er, I mean, are you a Phils fan, or a Mets fan?

Dorothy: Huh?

Orb: Are you a Phils fan, or a Mets fan?

Dorothy: Sarge? Is that you? I love the Phillies. And Mets fans smell like hoagies.

The laughter of a thousand unseen little people bursts from the bushes.

Dorothy: What? Who was that?

Sarge (who is no longer an orb, and is now wearing a puffy pink prom dress and carrying a star-tipped want): Why, Dorothy, that’s just the Phillies fans laughing, because Mets fans do smell like hoagies! (calling out to the hiding fans) It’s okay, Phans, she’s one of us!

And from the bushes step a motley conglomerate of Phillies fans, each faction of which proceeds to introduce themselves in song. The Casual Phans, the Michael Jack Schmidt Society, the Bandwagon Guild, Sal’s Pals - all are there in beauteous harmony. After a lot of singing, Dorothy learns that her row home landed atop the Wicked Beard of the NL East –Jayson Werth – and that she’s being heralded as a folk hero by the locals, who shower her in gifts of crabby fries and craft beer.

Suddenly, an ominous cloud of black and orange smoke spews forth from a crack in the ground. And a terrifying figure appears… the Wicked Beard of the NL West…

Dorothy: Brian Wilson?! But you didn’t even play this year!

BW (cackling): I know! But that doesn’t mean I’m any more popular with Phillies fans! (more cackling)

Dorothy: Ugh your beard is even worse in person! And you reek of shoe polish!

BW (more cackling)

Dorothy: Gross! It's making my eyes water seriously how do you live with that thing stuck to your face?

BW: I'll get you, my pretty! And your little... weird mascot thing too!

Dorothy: He's a rare bird! From the Galapagos Islands! And he's the only thing that loves the Phillies more than me! (starts sobbing) You leave us alone! You and your stinky beard!

Brian Wilson continues to laugh maniacally as he disappears into another cloud of black and orange smoke. Only the lingering acrid tang of shoe polish remains. Sarge and the Phans gather around her. Sarge puts an arm around her shoulder.

Sarge: There, there, Dorothy. What's wrong?

Dorothy: I just... I just want to go... see home runs!

Sarge: Home runs?

Dorothy: Yes. Home runs! Remember home runs? Remember when Ryan Howard would hit a billion of them in a season, except he wouldn't start until like June and you'd be like "WOW what if he did that ALL SEASON LONG?"

Sarge (chuckling): Oh, I remember. And you know what, Dorothy - I have a feeling those days will be back sooner than you think. If you just...

Dorothy: Just what? I'd, well, I'd do anything to see home runs again!

One of the Phans steps up. He is short and rotund, and his hair is done in an absurd spit curl. He is eating a cheesesteak on a stick.

Phan: Jus' follow da Broad Street Road, Do-ro-thy!

Dorothy: Follow the Broad Street Road?

Sarge (nodding): Follow the Broad Street Road.

Dorothy: Follow the Broad Street Road?

Phan: Follow da Broad Street Road!

Dorothy: I'll follow the Broad Street Road! Follow the...

Phan: YO! YOU HEARD US NOW GET GOIN' ALREADY YA BUM! Fa' cryin' out loud! (sighs) Jeez!

Sarge: Wait! It's dangerous to go alone... take these! (he hands her a pair of baseball cleats that have been spray-painted red)

Dorothy: But I thought I landed on Jayson Werth! Don't those belong to Hunter Pence?

Sarge: Listen don't go trying to make sense of things in this story. Just put them on and go. Hunter Pence was supposed to be like the new Werth anyway, so it works better than a lot of things you're about to see on your WONDERFUL and AMAZING journey. Now get to it!

And so Dorothy puts on the Ruby Spray-Painted Cleats and heads off down the mysterious Broad Street Road, her little stuffed Phanatic riding dutifully in her basket...

[1] Yes we know there was never a Chase blankie giveaway. This is a work of fiction.


  1. There was absolutely a Chase blankie giveaway. It's literally in my closet, and I sometimes roll around on it like Demi Moore in "Indecent Proposal".

    But no, seriously, there totally was one. Wasn't sure if it was 2006 or 2007, but it's blue and brought to us by Motrin.

  2. INTRIGUE. Plz send pic, Kyle.

  3. That was a Werth blanket, Kyle. I have it.

    1. Werth was the Mother's Day promo the next year against the Braves. And they didn't have them the day of the game, they gave you a voucher to come pick it up at a later date.

      Haha, I literally just made up an excuse why I had to leave my job so I could drive home to Conshy to take a pic of the blanket. Then I discovered it's still at my dad's house from months ago. The Curious Case of the Chase Utley Giveaway Fleece Blanket That Totally Happened will have to wait until I can drive to Phoenixville tonight.

    2. Correction, here is a picture of the blanket in question. Exact same blanket as the Werth blanket except Chutz' is blue whereas JDubz' was red.

      This is pathetic. But fun!

    3. The Motrin logo next to his legs seems appropriate

    4. Oh there was definitely an Utley blanket. It had a giant picture of his face on it, and it's the reason that I still, to this day, call him Chase Face.

  4. I can vouch for the Utley blanket as my roommate has one. It was a Mother's Day thing.

  5. No, there was definitely a Chase blanket!! I have it, too. Sponsored by Motrin. I think it was from 07 or 08. I believe it was billed as the "Chase Utley Fleece Throw"

  6. Utley blanket is surprisingly soft when compared with other blankets.I've had several fleece blankets before, it's all I use when I sleep.



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