Thursday, December 6, 2012

Michael Young Once Won Tiniest, See-Throughiest "Trophy" Ever

Baseball folks like to describe potentially soon-to-be Phillies third baseman Michael Young as a "winner". The below is seemingly evidence to that. I mean, seriously, MLB/All-Star Game donkeys, you gave that thing out? It's smaller than his hands.

Dude what is that a perfect attendance award?


  1. With Michael Young, it's DEFINITELY not the Perfect Attendance award.

  2. Everybody gets a trophy! LOL!

  3. may we expect a who's on first-type bit where RAJ tells eddie wade to go see what TEX wants for that old (olt) guy?

  4. RAJ: hey worthless hows the unpublished book doing on kindle?

    EW: ok. so you've been published?

    RAJ: published? yeah, on andrew weiner's facebook. copyrighted? yeah, ron jeremy plays ruben amaro jr. in every movie he does. look fraknuts, i gota job for you, call texas and see what they want for the olt guy.

    EW: sorry missed the memo, is this german accent friday?

    RAJ: get back in your cubicle and find out what Texas wants for that Olt guy!

    EW: wouldn't we rather have the younger guy?

    RAJ: get Olt, that's the secret to this team!

    EW: yavolt! jeesh. i'll never understand this place. hawaiian thursday, nazi friday, commando saturday, single saturday. it makes no sense.

    RAJ: yo dickless, you get anything?

    EW: Relax peter north, i got the old guy, half his salary and all it cost was lindblom and lisalberto. i threw in the non-gentile because of nazi friday.

    RAJ: You got Mike Olt?

    EW: No I got the old guy, the young guy, like you said.

    RAJ: Come to my office immediately, and bring a knife!


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