Monday, December 3, 2012

zOMG Ed Wade's Novel

This one's courtesy of the donkeys at Astros County, who are probably taking solace in the notion that Ed Wade was at least writing a novel about terrorists while destroying their franchise. I mean, it's just too rich so I'm going to excerpt the Amazon description:
Steve Laun returns home to attend the funeral of a father he hasn't seen in years, only to learn that his father's "accidental" death is cloaked in mystery. With the help of neighbors and a burning desire to correct wrongs on a number of fronts, Laun sets out to get to the bottom of his father's death, and, in the process, uncovers and thwarts the efforts of a local arms dealer with worldwide terrorist connections. While following Laun's quest for justice, we learn that there is more to Steve Laun than meets the eye.

"Local arms dealer with worldwide terrorist connections" = YES, PLEASE!!!! 

This is Not a Joke:

Wade, a 1977 Journalism graduate of Temple University, has made his living as a Major League Baseball executive, including 12 years as a General Manager; 1998-2005 with the Philadelphia Phillies and 2008-11 with the Houston Astros. Wade incorporates his interests in skydiving and the military in this non-sports endeavor.

You'll notice on the right a link where you can buy Wade's book about arms dealers with terrorist ties and I'll get $0.40 each or something. Then send in your reviews and I'll post each and every one ASAP.


  1. 100% chance that cover was designed in MS Paint (no offense, ZWR)

  2. Come on!!!! THE Ed Wade?!?!?!

  3. A reviewer on Amazon writes:

    Extremely Questionable Player Evaluation Skills December 3, 2012
    By Jeff Cagney
    Format:Kindle EditionWhen he was the general manager of the Philadelphia Phillies, the author of this book, Ed Wade, traded Curt Schilling -- one of the best postseason pitchers of all time and a potential Hall of Famer -- to the Arizona Diamondbacks for Omar Daal, Vincente Padilla and Travis Lee, all of whom were horrendous. Do not buy this book unless you want to read a novel from someone whose Phillies teams had a win-loss record of 643-652 during his tenure.

    1. Somebody forgot nelson Figueroa

  4. Ed Wade, architect of the 2008 World Fucking Champions even though Pat Gillick gets all the credit.

  5. "Ed Wade, architect of the 2008 World Fucking Champions even though Pat Gillick gets all the credit."

    Delayed Honor, my friend.

  6. Astros County? There's only one county that supports the Astros?


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