Friday, January 4, 2013

Johnny Goodtimes Made Us A Web Video

Johnny Goodtimes is, unequivocally, the king of Quizzo in Philadelphia. True story: Once, way back when I still lived in Philly my good friend/former college roommate and I won as a two person team at one of his events. You should have seen it, two staggeringly handsome, humble young men of men destroying a room full of dork gargoyles and, most satisfyingly, our arch nemeses- a team of about 14 Penn losers with their cable knit sweaters and big dumb ugly faces (Note: If you go to a JGT Quizzo nowadays the people are cool, fun, and not infuriating).

Moving on, as I made that introduction sufficiently about me, Johnny is also a fine humorist outside of the pub quiz gaming circuit. For example, he recently teamed up with Fastball Pitcher Bob Gutierrez (who kind of resembles one of these guys) on a web series called "Sports Purgatory", about some of the more joyous moments in Philadelphia sports history. For your enjoyment, below is the first installment.

(My favorite joke's at 5:39)

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