Monday, January 14, 2013

The Remaining Eagles Coaching Candidates In One Sentence

Gus Bradley
His defense gave up the game-winning drive in 12 seconds.

Mike McCoy
His offense had Peyton Manning take a knee with more time left on the clock than Atlanta had when it drove the field to win the game (and Matt Prater kicking at altitude).

Brian Billick
With Seattle down six and under a minute to play in a postseason game, Billick--a Fox color commentator--suggested they "may be in four down territory!"

Jay Gruden
The Bengals didn't throw the ball to AJ Green once in the first half of their playoff game.


Jon Gruden
He is a paid spokesman for Hooters.

[Insert college coach's name]
This guy needs to raise some quick bread for his wife's expensive shoe habit.


  1. Gruden is also a spokesman for Corona

  2. oh my god, everyone stinks and is terrible. ZWR for HC of the Eagles. or if you're busy, charlie manuel.

  3. So Jon Gruden it is?

  4. After suggesting that the Texans kick a field goal down 13 with under a minute left, the Eagles have confirmed that they will interview Phil Simms.

  5. Is RAB busy in the fall?

  6. If we're going with bad announcers, I'd like to nominate Dan Dierdorf. He's amazing.

  7. that billick line wasn't even the worst of the lot.

  8. Roy could totally be head coach.


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