Monday, February 18, 2013

A Word From Woodrow Wilson [DISCOUNTS!]

Thanks, Woody!

It's President's Day: the most boring of all half-butted quasi-consumer holidays. And you know what that means--time to buy things you don't really need (but really want) just because they're at a considerable discount!

You're in luck, because ZWR shirts are 15% off (on purchases of $21.99+) with the code "HLH15" at checkout.

Hurry though, because the deal ends tomorrow, February 19.

To make this easier for all of us, here are some popular ones to choose from:

  2013 "Hi" Shamrock edition - it's back!

why not grab a visual pun on a t-shirt in his honor?

Lies - This is the most under-rated shirt in the whole catalog.
Why not buy one for yourself and one for your friend, the barista?

And even if you don't like steeply discounted and highly fashionable t-shirts, but still feel personally vested in the (very, very modest) financial success of your favorite bolger, you can always click this link and buy something you were probably going to buy anyway on Amazon. I get a small percentage of whatever you buy and it doesn't cost you anything extra. It's a wonderful world.2

Happy President's Day, everyone, this has been fun. Thanks for reading, and clicking these links and stuff. I really, truly appreciate the support (while I wait for my Lamgorghini to arrive).

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