Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Andrew Bynum's New Hairdo

Dude, did you see Andrew Bynum's, ummmm, interesting press conference yesterday?

That thing was surreal. First, there was whatever message he was trying to communicate. He hopes to work out in a week or two and play before the season's over. Vague much, AB? I don't know, this all seems kind of fishy. Is he going to sit the whole year and then showcase himself only once totally healthy, just to earn a max contract offer at the season's expense? I'm no hoops guru, but that's what it feels like.

And then there's his hair. I almost get the impression from what he says, paired with how he looks, that he's messing with us. Yanking our chains. Needling. Intentionally screwing with us. Again, not saying I'm right, but sure seems that way.

Here, see for yourself:

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